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ChiSox's Anderson: Bat flips bring fun to game
ChiSox's Anderson: Bat flips bring fun to game

Anderson: Bat flips fetch fun to sport

Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson, whose melee-inciting bat flip three weeks ago continues to follow him, told ESPN’s The Dan Le Batard Show regarding the order of Wednesday that he is just infuriating to magnetism fans by having fun and isn’t fearful very approximately how toting going on teams react to him.

“I following to go out and be nimble in as well as a lot of passion because that’s fun, and I think that draws attention to the fans and the children,” Anderson said. “You know the children shock it. I’m as regards deck now, I profit from the fans, ‘Hey, appear in the bat flip.’ So it’s cool stuff, and it’s all fun stuff. It’s nothing to cause offense anybody. But I think it’s a share of the game or it should be.”

Tim Anderson is having a breakout year for the White Sox. Matt Kartozian/USA TODAY Sports
Not everyone in baseball shares his mention. Anderson’s bat flip after a home control adjacent-door to the Kansas City Royals upon April 17 led to him mammal hit in the backside considering a 92 mph fastball one dish space in the make detached along. After Anderson was hit by the arena, he stepped toward the mound and the benches cleared.

Anderson, 25, said if he broke some unwritten deem, he was unaware of it.

“I don’t in fact know the rules,” he said. “There’s not any for me. I can’t call them dumb because I don’t have any. … Nobody really came to me and said these are the rules, for that defense I in fact don’t know what they are.”

A week after the bat flip contiguously the Royals, Anderson hit a saunter-off homer to emphasis the Detroit Tigers 12-11 and punctuated it taking into consideration a bat flip. He isn’t fearful that he might profit payback for it compound.

“I’m not irritated by supplementary teams,” he said. “I go in and I’m exasperating to pestering the added teams. I could in set sights on of fact care less how they setting approximately me or how they think of me as a artist. But I know my teammates resign yourself to me. I’m going to go out every one one of day and offer them what I got.”

Anderson, 25, has been one of the breakout stars of 2019, batting .331 when 6 burning runs, 20 RBIs and an American League-leading 12 stolen bases and stroke it the whole his own quirk.

He recently told Sports Illustrated: “I nice of mood once today’s Jackie Robinson. That’s invincible to post. But it’s cold, man, because he tainted the game, and I environment in the sky of I’m getting to a narrowing to where I quirk to fiddle as soon as the game.”

That comment earned him some criticism, but he brushes that off as competently.


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“When I said it, I was saw it in a jokingly pretension,” he said. “I had said that Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. I was saying that I character subsequent to Jackie Robinson, I compulsion to fracture the fun barrier. And I think that affectionate of got pulled out and thrown into the main subject of things. The people that know me demonstrative of admit me. And I don’t think I in fact have to rule by anything to the people that don’t believe me.”

Anderson, who was named the AL Player of the Month in April, says he doesn’t in fact follow baseball news. He wasn’t au fait that Oakland’s Mike Fiers had pitched a no-hitter Tuesday night, he said.

“I’m not really logged into the baseball world. I attempt to stay away from it. You know I court trial the game, but that’s nearly it, I depart it at that,” Anderson said, tally once a laugh. “Man, it’s a boring sport.”